Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is primarily used to outline and define a bare face. Pigments used are very specific to the facial area and are all FDA approved. Our therapist is an active member of the Permanent Cosmetic Association of South Africa and ensures high standards during procedures. All permanent make up requires two to three procedures to get a good colour saturation. One procedure is generally not sufficient, so your second procedure should be four to eight weeks after your initial procedure. The first few days will look very intense and your skin will only absorb approximately 40-60% of the colour. Your
skin will see this colour as invasive and will start to peel away approximately
3-4 days, but this may vary after procedure. It is imperative not to pick
the residual colour and allow your skin to retain as much colour as possible to
prevent a patchy outcome.

  • Permanent Makeup - Full Lip Colour.
    After one application - Before, After, and Healed.
  • Permanent Makeup - Full Lip Colour.
    Before and directly after.
  • Permanent Makeup - Full Lip Colour.
    Before and straight after.
  • Permanent Makeup - Powder and Microblading Combo.
  • Permanent Makeup - Top Eyeliner.
  • Permanent Makeup - Pixelated Powder Brow.
  • Permanent Makeup - Microblading.
  • Permanent Makeup - Microblading.
  • Permanent Makeup - Microblading for Alopecia.
  • Permanent Makeup - Microblading and bottom eyeliner.
  • Permanent Makeup - Microblading.
  • Permanent Makeup - Powder Brow.
  • Permanent Makeup - Men's Microblading
  • Permanent Makeup - Lip Neutralisation
  • Permanent Makeup - Full Lip Colour
  • Permanent Makeup - Microblading for men.
  • Permanent Makeup - Neutralisation lip.
  • Permanent Makeup - Loss of Lip Pigment.
  • Permanent Makeup - Loss of Lip Pigment.
  • We offer post-surgery enhancement of the areola/ nipple complex.

    After Mastectomy surgery that has resulted in loss of the nipple/areola complex, a skilled application of pigments can provide a 3D texture look of the Areola. Various pigment colours are used to give either a brown or pink looking Areola. Various techniques can be used depending on the desired outcome. One’s skin will only accept between 40 to 60 percent of the pigment. Initially the colour is very intense until the residual colour peels away you are left with a more natural colour. Two to three applications are required within six months for best results.

  • Please note, that all the photo’s shown above are not Photoshopped or edited. They are all true reflections of the treatments done.